Increasing Energy Efficiency

The buildings sector shares the responsibility for a large proportion of German greenhouse gas emissions. Around 40 per cent of the final energy consumption in Germany and approx. a third of CO2 emissions are accounted for by buildings.

Businesses can contribute to meeting the political energy conservation target of minus 40 per cent by 2030, recommended by the European Parliament. This involves checking, for example, their own building stock, and adopting measures to reduce resources and energy consumption. They can develop products and services in order to support these measures.

The backlog of renovation projects is one of the largest obstacles to the implementation of the German climate protection plan. At the same time, megatrends such as urbanization and an ageing population mean innovative solutions for modern living are needed – for example, smaller apartments and improved transport links. In the commercial property sector, too, the trend needs to be reversed if the German climate protection targets are to be met.