Paris Makes the Global Revolution Irreversible

Corporate statement on the Paris climate agreement.

In a corporate statement, an initiative by Foundation 2° –  German Businesses for Climate Protection, B.A.U.M. and Germanwatch, leading businesses in Germany have welcomed the Paris global climate agreement as a turning point in the global energy revolution. The 35 large and medium-sized businesses from across a broad spectrum of industries are pledging to pioneer the promotion of climate protection; they are calling for policies with ambitious framework requirements for decarbonization in Germany and the EU.

An Important Signal for Ambitious Climate Protection

The majority of the signatory businesses are themselves facing considerable challenges, thereby sending the important signal that climate protection needs to be ambitious. In the statement, the businesses express their desire for, among other things, a sharpening of the measures in order to meet the German 40 per cent climate target by 2020. They say the Federal Government should, in addition, decide on an ambitious climate protection plan for 2050 and initiate a comprehensive transport revolution. They also state that energy efficiency laws and their implementation must be amended. In their view, EU emissions trading must undergo more courageous reforms, and after Paris the EU must begin a process of stepping up their climate and energy targets for 2030.

Following the corporate statement, its initiators invited the signatories and other businesses to participate in an economic symposium on the role of businesses in implementing the Paris climate agreement. The participants held off-the-record discussions on the opportunities, the challenges, and their expectations of politicians, thereby laying the foundations for further dialog formats and possible forms of action.